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Simple Treatment for Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is a persistent and increasing pattern(s) of unwanted sexual behaviors that a person continues to participate in regardless of negative consequences to him or her self and/or others. These severe consequences carry over to the recovery process. Every facet of life for an addict needs to be treated before full recovery can be achieved. This includes social, emotional, physical, legal, financial, occupational and spiritual aspects. While the addiction is a very complex disorder, there fortunately exists some simple techniques that can be used for treating it.

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Therapy plays a vitally important role in the recovery process. Both individual and group therapy are recommended for the treatment of sex addiction. Group therapy allows the addict to receive support and insight from others in his or her same situation, while individual, one-on-one therapy provides the addict with a personal, individualized approach to recovery. A trained and qualified sex addiction therapist is able to provide specialized care that cannot be addressed in a group setting. The therapist may also suggest certain medications to help assist in the recovery process.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Cognitive behavior therapy allows addicts to discover the roots of their addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors. Once the basis for this behavior has been identified, this method of therapy helps individuals arrest their sexually compulsive thoughts or urges and apply that energy towards something else. For example, addicts learn to substitute sexually compulsive behaviors with a healthy behavior such as lifting weights or exercising.

Interpersonal Therapy
Simply talking to someone is known to be very therapeutic. Sex addicts likely suffer from severe emotional trauma and isolate themselves due to shame, guilt, depression, sadness caused by their addiction and life's challenges. Talking to other recovering addicts goes a long way to help boost communication, feelings of self-worth, connection with others as they learn to talk through their emotions, challenges and problems.

Twelve-Step Programs
Twelve-step programs are a simple way to attain a comprehensive approach to sexual addiction recovery. These programs were inspired by the Alcoholics Anonymous program and have proven to be an effective treatment option. Much like therapy, these programs provide group support through meetings, and with the help of a sponsor, on an individual level. The twelve steps offer a principled approach to recovery that many addicts respond since the steps are systematic, structured and supportive.

The twelve steps are combined with the twelve traditions, also based on those used in Alcoholics Anonymous. The twelve traditions create a safe and supportive environment throughout the entire recovery process. Trust, support and a feeling of safety are at the heart of the traditions and are critical to the application of the twelve-step approach.

As you can see, these are simple steps sex addicts can take to help in their recovery. The simple act of talking with a trusted friend or spiritual leader can be an important first step in seeking and receiving the help that sex addicts desperately need. Twelve-step programs offer a low-pressure, safe and supportive environment for sex addicts to learn, apply and live the principles they teach. Therapy offers yet another simple option toward treating sexual addiction. No matter which steps sex addicts follow toward recovery, the most important thing is that they have made the initial step toward a curable disease known as sexual addiction.

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