SEXCITER is promoted as a tonic that is designed to attract the opposite sex. Allegedly, SEXCITER is based on a Pheromone concentrate. We know that there are many products of this ilk on the market, so we’ll evaluate the SEXCITER formula to assess whether or not this may be a reliable option for men.

We believe it is important for people to become familiar with the ingredients in the products they purchase. When it comes to sexual enhancement formulas, individuals should be aware that some formulas are designed for a quick sale and immediate results, while others are safe for long-term use. Addressing sexual enhancement is a sensitive issue, so we believe people should be acutely aware of what these formulas really do.

Info About SEXCITERSEXCITER is designed to attract women through scent, and the SEXCITER promotion suggests that it may turn the “coldest woman into a nymphomaniac.” However, at the time of review, we find very little information supporting this formula, and we are unable to uncover what this item contains.

SEXCITER may be ingested or applied topically. We believe most people are looking for a more realistic and effective way of enhancing their sexuality. There are no miracle products on the market, but there are safe, high quality items that may greatly improve sexual function.

  •  Tonic formula
  •  Fairly competitive price
  •  Unscented
  •  Easy online ordering

  •  Doesn’t include Yohimbe Bark Extract
  •  Potentially unreliable product
  •  Doesn’t include Epimedium
  •  Somewhat inconvenient application process

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