Epididymitis Erectile Dysfunction

Can Epididymitis Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Epididymitis is an infection that can either be from an STD ( in younger men) or from similar bacteria that cause a UTI ( in older men).

Complications generally include scrotal infections and less commonly infertility or testicular atrophy. The only way I would think erectile dysfunction would develop is if your testes are significantly damaged to the point that your testoterone level is low. This would be rare, but can be tested with a simple blood test.

Given the likely mechanism of aquisition, I doubt you will have much success in a claim for compensation.

Epididymitis Erectile DysfunctionEpididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis caused by infection or trauma. The causative agent responsible for infection is a function of age and sexual behavior. In adolescents, C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae are most common, responsible for approximately two-thirds of adolescent infection, but coliform organisms, Pseudomonas,  and gram-positive cocci must be considered in youth who have engaged in anal intercourse.

The patient will present with an acute onset of scrotal pain and swelling, often accompanied by urinary frequency, dysuria, and urethral discharge. Fever is a sign of systemic infection. The epididymis is swollen and tender. Early in the course of the infection, the epididymis is easily discernible from the testicle, but with progression, the testis becomes involved, producing epididymoorchitis, thereby making it difficult to differentiate the epididymis from a swollen and tender testicle. The cremasteric reflex may be present or absent.

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