Which scent is the best aphrodisiac for women

Best Aphrodisiac

Amazon Herbs
Two other herbs, both from the Amazon region, provide stimulation for both women and their male partners. Catuaba and Muirapuama are both made from the bark of common South American trees. Some studies in scientific journals have supported the folk science surrounding these two supplements. They are both reported to stimulate the nervous system. Fortunately, both of these herbs are both easily

Ginseng, which is a supplement widely used to improve energy levels, can also be used to improve sexual response. The safety of Ginseng is also more widely known than that of other herbs, which makes it a good choice. Maca, also known as Peruvian Ginseng, is another related herb. These two herbs may provide the energy boost that a woman needs for sex after a long day.

In Mexico, damiana is the herb of choice for both men and women. It contains compounds similar to Progesterone, which is a hormone that naturally occurs in a woman?s body. While many studies are not available on the efficacy of this herb, it is very popular in Mexico. It is reported to increase sensitivity in the clitoris, thus making it easier to reach orgasm. It is used to improve the reproductive organs? function in both men and women. It can provide a similar result to the Progesterone creams available to women on the market.

Menopausal Symtoms
Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh can also be used by women to relieve menopausal symptoms, allowing a return to healthy sexuality. These two plants contain compounds more similar to the hormone estrogen. These are now commonly added to vitamin supplements for women at safe dosage levels.

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