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You have probably heard of pheromone scent and possibly seen the advertisements for them in magazines or online but do you know what they really are or how they work?

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So how do pheromone scent work? Scientists have found that pheromones are detected through the Vomeronasal Organ in the nose. Scientists have discovered that the nasal receptors mainly found near the entrance of the nose had the strongest reaction to air containing pheromones; this is where the vomeronasal organ is located. The pheromones travel through the nose and stimulate the hypothalamus in the cortex of the brain. This is the area of the brain that produces emotion and emotional response. Pheromones are subconsciously detected and illicit an internal sexual response.

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The pheromone scent send a signal to the hypothalamus to illicit emotions such as attraction, sexual desire, and arousal. Men secrete the pheromone Androstenone to attract women and women secrete Androstenol to attract men. Though in today's super clean and hygienic society we often wash away all of our natural scent. In the animal world pheromones still dictate sexual behavior and response. Humans have lost much of that, though the new pheromone products on the market are supposed to help.

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Dr. Cutler's studies show that pheromones are still very important to humans especially women. Her studies even show that men are good for women's health (who knew?). The chemicals in a man's body can cause their sexual partners to be more fertile, have more regular menstrual cycles, and milder symptoms of menopause. More studies are being done to see how pheromones can impact and help those who are having fertility problems.

For the most part pheromones have jumped out into the marketplace as another money making opportunity. Many companies have taken the research and made their own products making extraordinary claims that these colognes and perfumes will have the opposite sex falling to their feet in front of you or lined up to get into your bed. They claim you will be irresistible to the opposite sex. So I wanted to know if there is any basis to these claims, do any of these products actually work. So I conducted my own study on several pheromone colognes, sprays, gels and oils.
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