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Love scent Pheromone
Female pheromone perfume is a unique perfume that has harvested potent pheromones for women to wear as a perfume. They do not smell when applied to the body, but can be noticed by men without them realizing what attracts them to you. These love scent pheromone are a secret weapon for women that want to feel confident, sexy, and desired by many.

Pheromones to attract women
Pheromones have numerous purposes, not just attracting the opposite sex, for sex. They can be used to increase interest in yourself. For example, if you wanted to get the attention of your boss so that you could get a promotion, you may want to wear a female pheromone perfume to boost that “attraction.” These can be used in a clever way to get a promotion, boost sales if you are a sales lady, or even gain the attention of your husband or boyfriend.

Pheromone scent
Love scent Pheromone
The Human Euphoria Perfume is one of the best female pheromone perfumes on the market. This perfume is potent and packed with all of the pheromones a female needs to attract the attention of the opposite sex. This product lasts quite awhile too – around 8 to 10 hours if they are applied in the most heat sensitive areas on the body.

The results you get will vary depending upon where you are and how you use the perfume. In general you should expect to attract men like honeybees to a flower, as well as attract attention at work or in public places. Love scent Pheromone


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